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Above is the 3 minute trailor for the 2 hour presentation: Blueprint for Truth by Richard Gage, architect.
Below is another short video by Ed Asner, 15 minutes, showing the collapse of wtc 7. The government told us it fell due to fire but does that seem possible to you? Judge for yourself: The destruction of building 7

If you have the time for a deep, scientific, forensic exposure of how and why all three wtc buildings came down, here is the link to the 2 hour flash video, Blueprint for Truth, a presentation by Richard Gage AIA, architect in San Francisco Bay Area.
 Richard provides the physical evidence of controlled demolition of the World Trade Center twin towers and building seven.  (You'll need Adobe Flash enabled in your browser)

If you'd like to visit Richard Gages site, here's the link:    Architects and Engineers for 9/11 truth.
 Judge for yourself whether you think it is serious, whether the people on it seem truthful or not to you. There's links to various presentations and interviews down the left side. The centre zone is updated regularly to inform us about their progress.
On March 15th 2010, they handed in to congress a petition with over 1000 registered architects and engineers who can see that the official story is full of lies and are asking for a new independant investigation with subpoena power.
As of 12th Jan 2011 there were 1414 architects and engineers and 10,921 others who signed the petition.

Here is a pdf file by 7 CIA veterans who know the 9/11 comission report is lying. Open CIA veterans PDF  acrobat

In September 2010 a  group of 134 brave US military officers including General Wesley Clark, Supreme Allied Commander Europe (ret) decided to speak the truth and state their duty: US Military Officers for 911 truth   The number has now risen to over 320.

Here is a great video by young Dylan Avery called Loose Change giving enormous amounts of fascinating information about 9/11.
I hope you've got time to watch it right through:  Loose Change Final Cut                  It lasts 2hrs 10minutes.

This 4 minute video shows that the BBC was informed about the collapse of wtc7 at least 20 minutes before it happened: The BBC had foreknowledge     Watch Jane Standley reporting that wtc7 has collapsed while you are looking at it through the window behind her, over her left shoulder, clearly still standing! It then goes down with freefall acceleration, 20 minutes later, to a countdown! Then George Bush has the gall to tell us it fell down due to fire! Do you know of  buildings destroyed by fire that fall down to a countdown?! Ten, nine, eight, seven....... yeah sure George, we believe you!
Foreknowledge proves that the BBCs' source of info was complicit in exploding the building.

9/11 Mysteries, a film in multiple 10 minute parts revealing further truths about 9/11.

New York City Firemen want to get to the truth about why their 343 colleagues died. A website Firefighters for 911 truth from a retired FDNY Lieutenant.

Huge numbers of lawyers have noticed that the official story of 911 is a whitewash and a cover up and are demanding a new investigation.     Here's their website: lawyersfor911truth.blogspot

Medical professionals are known for their scientific approach and openeness to new information and now they have also formed a group who don't accept the official government story about what happened on 9/11. Here's their website:

Fortunately there are now large numbers of political leaders who are now able to see past the lies and want to reveal the truth for all to see. Here is their website:

Dr. Robert M. Bowman, former Director of Advanced Space Programs Development for the U.S. Air Force in the Ford and Carter administrations. Dr Robert M. Bowmans statement:
"The 9/11 tragedy has been used as the excuse for two deadly wars of aggression, for taking away our rights through the misnamed Patriot Act, for destroying America's reputation around the world with acts of torture and war crimes, and for transferring trillions of dollars in wealth from the people to global investors, banks, and weapons manufacturers.  Even now, the phony "War on Terror" continues under a new administration.  Only by exposing the Truth of the events of 9/11/01 can we end this madness and achieve real peace and justice."

Jon Paul McClellan, chief election judge (appointed), Eastside Precinct, Orange County, North Carolina;  former elected chair of the precinct organization.  His statement:
 "911 Truth is the most important issue facing the world today.  It is the key to understanding the true nature of our government and its interaction with governments, organizations and individuals throughout the world.  There is no issue facing our nation that is not negatively affected by the pervasive secret government that is behind events like 911."

Douglas Nixon Everingham,  Member, House of Representatives, Australia, 1967-75 and 1977-84, Minister for Health 1972-75, a Vice-President, World Health Assembly 1975, Parliamentary Adviser, UN delegation. His statement:

"Unless US and allied (including Australian) leaders move to demand independent investigation of the 9/11 catastrophe the military sequels in Iraq and Afghanistan must be widely seen as war crimes falsely labeled as a war on terror."

Professional pilots don't accept the official story about 9/11 because they know enough about aeroplanes to recognise the lies about speeds and manoevres for various aircraft types.       Here's their website:

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