WHAT'S BEHIND 9/11?       Going deeper into the rabbit hole

Lies and propaganda, the conspiracy to invade Iraq. The exposure of PNAC. (Project for the New American Century)
A film by Alex Jones.

Have a read of this site The Project for the New American Century from the neoconservative Washington think tank. Notice it's signed by Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Jeb Bush, Paul Wolfowitz and others I don't recognize. Do you want these guys to rule the world? They have the biggest military power in the world and are full of evil intention to make sure they will. Only our knowledge can stop them.
Here is their defining document Rebuilding Americas Defenses.pdf

Here's a revealing film showing that Barack Obama is just another puppet of the Trilateral Commission and Bilderburg group.
Filmed in HD by Alex Jones: The Obama Deception
 You can watch it full screen by clicking on the expand button.

Here is a very informative, well researched paper by a University of San Francisco history graduate. 9/11 Hard Facts.com
He says, "Find a way to connect, and the world that is currently being run by these scornful, lost children will start to unravel and reveal itself for what it truly is."

Listen to what Jim Corr, guitarist from the Irish group "The Corrs", has to say about the Lisbon Treaty and the New World Order

Here is the site of one of the UK truth movements: http://www.911forum.org.uk/

Here's a site where families of people killed on 9/11, by the US government, are demanding a proper investigation
http://www.nyccan.org/  (New York City Coalition for Accountability Now). Families, survivors and first responders have signed a petition, asking for a proper investigation, and handed it in to coucillors of New York and governers in various other states.

And here's a video for those willing to go much deeper into the rabbit hole. Dahlia S. Wasfi MD, an Iraqi-American, explains the connections.
Toggle to full screen to read her blackboard better.

Many musicians, artists and Hollywood actors have created a film to question the official story about what happened on 9/11.

Here's a video from Wikileaks showing what we, the US and British military are doing in Iraq.I think you will agree it's not exactly as our governments tells us:  

Personally, I don't want our military fighting on my behalf in this way. Gleefully killing unarmed civilians. I am so ashamed.

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